Real Estate Services

Commercial real estate transactions can be both exciting and daunting. GeoServices, Ltd. can ease your apprehensions by conducting a comprehensive Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), which will satisfy many of the environmental due diligence actions required by many lending institutions. We offer a broad range of environmental services in connection with property acquisition, divestiture and equity refinancing, many of which will provide the potential landowner some relief from liability under the innocent landowners defense under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act [CERCLA]. These services include:

  • ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (E1527-13)
  • ASTM Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (E1903-11)
  • ASTM Transaction Screens (E1528-14)
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Brownfields
  • US EPA All Appropriate Inquiry Rule (Rule 40 CFR Part 312)

We have experience with over 500 environmental site assessments of commercial, industrial, and privately owned properties throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We provide Real Estate Services for a wide range of financial institutions, attorneys, industrial and commercial clients and developers.

Your first step in exploring an environmental site assessment is to call GeoServices, Ltd. for a discussion of needs and alternative solutions.